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Welcome to Talk Telemedicine! CloudVisit constantly finds itself answering general questions about telemedicine asked by both provider clients, as well as their patients. This blog is intended as a one-stop resource for telemedicine information and a discussion for those who are interested in the growth of technology in healthcare.

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Pending 2016 Telemedicine Legislation
with 44 Comments

We talked about 2016 telemedicine predictions, but what’s already in-progress for telemedicine around the US? Read More

I’m not a psychiatrist. Is telemedicine for me?
with 46 Comments

This is a question that we get pretty often. The answer is – of course! In this blog post, we discuss the benefits of telemedicine in a family practice. Read More

2016 Telemedicine Predictions
with 98 Comments

The new year is approaching! What is in store for telemedicine in 2016? Read More

Traveling for the Holidays?
with 97 Comments

Many of us travel during the holidays. How can telemedicine make us feel more at-ease? Read More

5 Healthcare Problems Solved by Telemedicine
with 32 Comments

Telemedicine expands provider accessibility and improves healthcare quality. In this blog, we discuss the top 5 problems telemedicine solves. Read More

5 Benefits to White-Labeling Your Telemedicine Service
with 577 Comments

Why is white-labeling a telemedicine login page a big bonus when it comes to patient engagement? Read More

Telemedicine in Surgery?
with 15 Comments

Surely, surgery cannot be performed via telemedicine; but, how can telemedicine aid your surgical practice? Read More

Patients: 10 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Telemedicine
with 13 Comments

Last week, we covered why telemedicine is beneficial for providers. So, what’s in it for patients? Read More

10 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Telemedicine – For Providers
with 37 Comments

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Leveraging Technology for Pediatric Healthcare
with 32 Comments

Can telemedicine create a significant impact on pediatric healthcare? Read More

Emergency Room Telemedicine
with 17 Comments

Is telemedicine beginning to take place of in-person doctors in emergency rooms? Not exactly, but here’s how the modern software can help. Read More

Patients: 10 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Telemedicine
with 18 Comments

Last week we talked about why providers should use telemedicine — so, what’s in it for patients? Read More

Telemedicine ROI: It’s What You Make of It
with 15 Comments

It’s pretty simple: if you use your new telemedicine software, you will see a fast return on investment. But, this means you must embrace the change. Read More

Yes, CloudVisit is HIPAA-Compliant; Now, What Does That Mean?
with 223 Comments

One of the first questions potential clients ask us is, “Is CloudVisit HIPAA-compliant?” The answer is yes. The real question is, does everyone know exactly what that means? Why shouldn’t Skype be used for healthcare appointments (as we’d addressed in this “Skip Skype” blog post)? After reading this blog post, we can all roll our eyes and say we’ve known all along. Read More

Telemedicine: What Do Patients Think?
with 16 Comments

We write a lot about how telemedicine fits in with providers, specialties facilities… But what do patients think about seeing doctors virtually? Read More

Telemedicine for Chronic Condition Management
with 54 Comments

50% of US adults have one or more chronic health conditions, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It’s time to leverage technology to benefit the population. Read More

Skip Skype!
with 19 Comments

A hot topic! Here at CloudVisit, we cringe at medical professionals mentioning that they sometimes use Skype for patient consultations. Read More

Telemedicine Should Not Scream “Change!”
with 61 Comments

Does telemedicine change your practice? Read More

Ambulatory Telemedicine: A Life-Saving Technology
with 18 Comments

Telemedicine is certainly a modern-day convenience; but, can it save lives? Read More

Obstetric Telemedicine
with 23 Comments

Let’s face it: as beautiful as it is, pregnancy can be stressful – especially for first-time mommies! Every hiccup becomes a concern, and peace of mind becomes priority. Telemedicine can make pregnancy easier, allowing for convenient accessibility. Read More

Telepsychiatry: a Modern Hero in Child and Adolescent Mental Health?
with 17 Comments

Millennials are very familiar with technology, making them ideal patients for telepsychiatry. Read More

Busting Telemedicine Myths!
with 14 Comments

Today, we’re busting telemedicine myths. We’ve heard it all and are finally speaking up. Read More

Specialist Shortages & How Telemedicine Helps
with 23 Comments

From the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA): by 2020, non-primary care specialties will face a shortage of 62,400 doctors. General surgery, ophthalmology, orthopedic surgery are expected to see the biggest changes. Others include urology, psychiatry and radiology. Read More

School & University Telemedicine
with 14 Comments

Telemedicine offers students quality healthcare and reduces regular activity interruptions. Read More

Correctional Facility Telemedicine
with 12 Comments

CloudVisit has personal experience with correctional facility telemedicine. The setup is ideal for psychiatry and counseling – better continuity of care to prevent a destructive mental health state. Read More

Limited Mobility Patients: Getting Back Independence
with 7 Comments

Telemedicine has proved to be a service of convenience. But, what if telemedicine provides not only convenience, but independence? Read More

Ensure Program Commitment with Telemedicine
with 4,633 Comments

Treatment programs are common in several specialties – but, for the sake of this blog post’s length, let’s focus on substance abuse and physical therapy treatment programs. Read More

How Can Telemedicine Be Used To Market Your Practice?
with 12 Comments

Yes, telemedicine will urge your practice to alter its regular routines. At CloudVisit, we say that your practice will only change as much as you will allow it to. But, change, in this case, can be an excellent thing. If you don’t welcome it, you can’t expect to collect ROI. Read More

CloudVisit Telemedicine: Who Are We?
with 38 Comments

Welcome to Talk Telemedicine! So, what is CloudVisit; what sets us apart from others in the telemedicine industry; and why should you listen to what we have to say?

Read More

Telemedicine: Evolving Accessibility and Continuity of Care
with 8 Comments

Our first official post on Talk Telemedicine! Welcome and enjoy! Read More