Patients: 10 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Telemedicine

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Last week we talked about why providers should use telemedicine — so, what’s in it for patients?

  1. No need to leave your couch!
    Where better to get better than your own home?
  2. No travel time.
    Whether you’re familiar with snow like we are in the northeast, or if you just aren’t ready for the traffic, telemedicine reduces travel time.
  3. No waiting room.
    We know that sometimes, you’re worried you may pick something else up in the waiting room other than the cold you already have the pleasure of having.

For patients with limited mobility or no transportation, telemedicine can be a great tool to gain back some independence.

  1. No more worrying about the weather.

In New York, we’re used to more than a foot of snow in a single snowstorm. But we also know we won’t be driving that day. Telemedicine allows you to see your doctor whether you’re facing a blizzard, torrential downpour – no more worrying.

  1. Chronic condition management.

No matter how serious the condition, telemedicine aids in proper management. Videoconferencing allows you to share concerns or ask questions with your provider. Expanding continuity of care can give you back your independence and your peace of mind.


When worried about a big procedure, we know you want to “shop around” for physicians. Choose the best one with telemedicine, without the hassle of constant travel to various offices.


  1. Follow ups.

Whether you’re post-op or getting over the flu, telemedicine lets you ask questions without travel or wait time.


  1. Ideal for parents.

Children get sick – it’s inevitable! Give yourself the peace of mind with telemedicine.


  1. It’s almost 2016!

It’s no secret that you probably do everything on your smartphone. Seeing a doctor is just another convenience of the 21st century.


Why else would patients want to use telemedicine?

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