Traveling for the Holidays?

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Many of us travel during the holidays. How can telemedicine make us feel more at-ease?

Telemedicine is ideal for patients who are frequent travelers. Days prior to holidays are the busiest times for travel. In fact – today, December 23, is the busiest travel day in the United States.
So, how can telemedicine step in, especially for patients living with chronic conditions? Telemedicine can help in:

  1. allowing you to see your own doctor, even if you’re on the other side of the country.

  3. avoiding filling out extensive medical history forms for a new physician.

  5. feeling secure while traveling.

  7. improve doctor-patient relationships with thoroughly comprehensive care.

  9. pre-travel consultations to ensure treatment understanding and compliance.

In some states, providers must be licensed in the state that healthcare is being practiced. As the telemedicine market grows, more doctors are exploring the opportunity to expand their practices and getting licensed in states outside their geographic region.

To our blog readers – we wish you a very joyful holiday season!



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