I’m not a psychiatrist. Is telemedicine for me?

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This is a question that we get pretty often. The answer is – of course! In this blog post, we discuss the benefits of telemedicine in a family practice.

Years ago, CloudVisit started with telepsychiatry. Since then, we have expanded the telemedicine service to practices specializing in family medicine, obstetrics, urology, surgery, physical therapy, dermatology and more! We can’t speak for other telemedicine platforms, but to us, telepsychiatry is not the only use for HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing in healthcare.

So, what are the benefits of telemedicine in family medicine?

  • Recurring ailments: If your child has had an ear infection before, you will recognize the symptoms. Going to the doctor’s physical office for minor conditions is no longer necessary. Jump on a secure video call with your physician, and ask for a prescription to be called in to your nearest pharmacy. Save time, and get faster treatment!

  • Tracking progress: If you have an ongoing condition that needs continuous monitoring, telemedicine can step in to fill in the gaps between recurring appointments.

  • Follow-up questions and care: Check in with your physician – painlessly! Telemedicine can prove to be very useful if you have a question regarding a medication side effect, or just want to ensure that your wellness is progressing.

  • Switching doctors? Whether a patient has recently switched insurance companies, or just needs a change, telemedicine can allow you to consult with new patients before they make you their primary care physician.

  • Convenience! With modern technology, patients have options. Give them the peace of mind they need by offering a revolutionary service that will make them feel at ease if they ever require an appointment that does not involve travel or sitting in a waiting room.

Are you using telemedicine in your family medicine practice? Share your success stories!

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