Telemedicine ROI: It’s What You Make of It

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It’s pretty simple: if you use your new telemedicine software, you will see a fast return on investment. But, this means you must embrace the change.

Telemedicine has the potential to bring ROI within its first month of implementation. Of course, this will depend on what provider you’re using and how much you’re paying. So, for the sake of this post, we’ll use our pricing.

CloudVisit Private Practice is $250/month for one provider. If you choose to charge $125 for one 30-minute appointment, you’ve paid for one month of service in two sessions, or one hour.

Here’s the kicker: once you purchase the software, you must be willing to use it. Many of our signups refuse their training sessions (which can be great – we love our technologically-savvy clients!), and forget about their new purchase.

On the opposite extreme, we have clients we’ve just signed up and we’re already depositing serious funds into their accounts.

So, a few tips from us:

  • Use the resources your telemedicine provider offers you. CloudVisit allows providers to upload a list of patients to prompt patient accounts within the system, as an invite to telemedicine. We also offer a personalized PDF for your waiting room. Use these! They’ll help you get started.
  • Put some trust in telemedicine. We know your business has been successful for years; so, why change what isn’t broken, right? You must be willing to evolve your practice and utilize the service. Bring it up to your patients when you want to see them for a follow-up! Suggest it when they call into the office for a consultation! Telemedicine is perfect for this.
  • Don’t be afraid of using the built-in billing system. We know most of your patients want to use their insurance, but there will be some who are willing to pay for convenience.
  • Let telemedicine actually take the place of an in-person appointment. If your specialty allows, of course. If your specialty is mental health, you have to embrace the video sessions and ask clients if they’re willing to have their next appointment online. You may be surprised by their enthusiasm.

So, to sum up: paying for a software and letting it sit on the backburner is not being innovative. Don’t be afraid of telemedicine – it really will become the norm soon.

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