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CloudVisit Telemedicine: Who Are We?

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Welcome to Talk Telemedicine! So, what is CloudVisit; what sets us apart from others in the telemedicine industry; and why should you listen to what we have to say?

CloudVisit Telemedicine all started in a small town in the Hudson Valley in New York. With a creative vision and the understanding of the needs of doctors and medical practitioners, the company’s founder and CEO, Daniel Gilbert, developed a software for better access of healthcare.

CloudVisit Telemedicine is a secure videoconferencing software with additional add-ons to simplify the processes of medical facilities and giving patients back their freedom when it comes to medical care. The convenience is what will get your patients to sign up, but the quality and continuity of care is what will make them stay.

The team at CloudVisit is small, but our passion and enthusiasm is enormous. Coming into the telemedicine industry three years ago, the team has watched the company grow – from just the Hudson Valley to 41 states nationwide, as well as internationally including Israel and Turkey.

More and more specialties are hopping onboard and finding unique uses for the system. When we signed up our first OB/GYN, we have to admit, we took a double take. But, sure, now it makes sense: consultations, follow-up visits, new mommy worries are now as convenient as logging into Skype and chatting with an old friend.

Speaking of Skype: let’s use it for what it was created – a social platform. Healthcare requires strict security and encryption, all of which CloudVisit provides. CloudVisit uses HIPAA-approved encryption systems and ensures all patient information is kept safe.

So, why CloudVisit?

CloudVisit allows providers to keep their old habits while adapting modern technology. The user-friendly interface is optimal for younger and older generations. With accessible tech support and system walk-throughs with a CloudVisit expert, you’re sure to learn to know the system like the back of your hand. And, patient accounts are simple for anyone to grasp upon their first login.

CloudVisit simplifies the healthcare process by improving accessibility and offering an all-in-one solution. With a caring, knowledgeable team, CloudVisit is a no-brainer solution. We truly want to make your practice a place of optimal health and the best possible patient care, and are willing to walk you through every process, every step of the way.

In this blog – which we are so excited about starting – we will cover all topics related to telemedicine. Read about telemedicine in an understandable way, without any jargon. We tell it like it is. Everyone is encouraged to participate in discussions, and we hope our topics are discussable enough to prompt you to leave comments.

Welcome to Talk Telemedicine!


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  1. Angela
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    Great launch, look forward to reading more about CloudVisit’s innovation.

  2. Michelel
    | Reply

    Interesting story! Great concept! Thank you for sharing. I’m looking forward to more interesting blog posts.

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