Yes, CloudVisit is HIPAA-Compliant; Now, What Does That Mean?

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One of the first questions potential clients ask us is, “Is CloudVisit HIPAA-compliant?” The answer is yes. The real question is, does everyone know exactly what that means? Why shouldn’t Skype be used for healthcare appointments (as we’d addressed in this “Skip Skype” blog post)? After reading this blog post, we can all roll our eyes and say we’ve known all along.
Encrypted Data
We encrypt data both in transmission and at rest. So, whether you’re sending information to your patients or just storing it within CloudVisit, your data is encrypted – meaning, it is not viewable to anyone who is unauthorized. Encrypted data basically looks like a bunch of nonsense characters.
Encrypted Video/Audio Channel
Video and audio in CloudVisit sessions are transmitted through an encrypted channel. Meaning, video and audio is decrypted as it is received by a provider or patient.
Secure Servers
CloudVisit uses a server that is uniquely configured with access details, software decryption keys, permissions, and safeguards; and, we sign a business associate agreement with our server company.
Secure Web Hosting
CloudVisit’s web hosting solution allows the hosting company no access to any information, data, documentation, video or audio involved or stored within the CloudVisit system.
Business Associate Agreements
Telemedicine software suppliers are required to enter into a business associate agreement (BAA) with any organization/facility/practice they provide service to. The BAA outlines privacy and security rules, as well as who is covered under the agreement and the term of their coverage.
HIPAA compliance is important! We know you keep your practice at the highest regard; be sure to choose only compliant platforms.
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