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Telemedicine offers students quality healthcare and reduces regular activity interruptions.

University students with health insurance

With the vast majority of full-time, on-campus students having health insurance (especially university health insurance), the care offered in state universities is usually just barely enough. While universities staff on-campus physicians, specialists are not an option, especially for students living on campus without transportation. For many students – freshmen specifically – the on-campus provider is the only option.

With a telemedicine platform, universities can build their provider network, increase access and allow students to see the specialists they need. Referrals can be handled in-office without asking students to travel off-campus.


Elementary, middle & high school students

When sending children off to school, parents expect them to be in a completely safe environment. But, children continue to get hurt or sick during the school day, regardless of the safety requirements and hand sanitizer. And while the school nurse certainly aids in students’ wellbeing, parents would enjoy the peace-of-mind that their children will have access to a specialist if the need arises.


University medical research projects

Medical research projects require a HIPAA-compliant platform if remote consultations need to be held. Clinical trials benefit by offering a secure platform for all participants to ensure that their identities are in no way compromised, and the trial entails the same process as any doctor appointment. The convenience of telemedicine may add to the willingness and openness of participants.

Data recording through a telemedicine platform is captured and allows for exporting for later review of progress of each individual involved in the trial.

It is smart to teach medical students best practices. It ensures the next generation of clinicians to be open to new care delivery models, as well as stable in their principles to comply with security requirements.


Are there other ways that telemedicine can help in schools and universities?


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  1. Courtney Shoun
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    Good ideas — it’s 2015: time to use technology to its fullest potential.

  2. CloudVisit
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    We apologize for the poor wording — “specialist” is the word we were looking for. Nurses have handled school environments beautifully for generations. With the growth of technology, CloudVisit would love to offer students ADDITIONAL access: to all types of providers — even more nurses remotely!

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