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Ambulatory Telemedicine: A Life-Saving Technology

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Telemedicine is certainly a modern-day convenience; but, can it save lives?

Our answer is yes.

Telemedicine, when added to emergency vehicles, can make a significant difference in a patient’s critical condition. Telemedicine stations positioned in emergency vehicles allow paramedics to connect critical-condition patients to a doctor at the earliest possible time – as soon as they enter the vehicle. Some of the most crucial decisions are made during transfer and transportation. A doctor or nurse’s input during a life-or-death time can potentially save a life. So, when the setup can possibly save lives, why would anyone ever choose not to implement it?

Paramedics and individuals on ambulance duty are highly trained and qualified to assist in serious situations. But, in extreme cases, a doctor or nurse input can change the outcome. Beyond diagnosing a patient remotely and aiding the ambulatory specialists in patient care, doctors and nurses in the emergency room can jumpstart the intake process. The paramedics can pass along patient vitals during transport, allowing the hospital staff to get a good idea of the patient’s condition and stability before arrival. In addition, a surgical team or specialist can be gathered before the patient arrives at the facility.

In emergency airlifting, telemedicine should be a requirement. Patients in need of emergency airlifting are oftentimes facing life-or-death circumstances. When waiting for a patient to arrive at the facility, it’s crucial for the hospital staff to know the real-time status of the patient – especially when it’s now so readily available for them.

Healthcare professionals know that the medical field can sometimes be unpredictable. We live in a time when modern technology is advanced enough to offer back some of the predictability. Where we still can’t read minds or medical charts located miles away, telemedicine is ready to step in and pass the information along virtually – as close to mind reading as we’re getting in 2015.


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