Telemedicine in Surgery?

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Surely, surgery cannot be performed via telemedicine; but, how can telemedicine aid your surgical practice?

Modern surgical practices are turning to telemedicine for patient consultations, pre-op concerns and post-op progress.

  • Consultations: Patients – especially those looking for a complicated, specialized procedure – put time into looking for a specialist. Surgical practices offering telemedicine have the advantage of offering care to patients beyond their geographical location. Patients who are willing to travel for a specialist can hold the initial consultation via telemedicine without back-and-forth travel. These consultations offer patients a wider choice range during a difficult situation.


  • Pre-op concerns: Worrisome patients now have the convenience of telemedicine appointments to speak with a doctor or nurse after their consultation, but before their surgery. Patients who are about to undergo a surgical procedure for the first time may have questions regarding pre-op instructions – with telemedicine, all information can be clarified, leaving the patient as stress-free as possible for the day of the procedure.


  • Post-op follow-ups: After a surgical procedure, travel may be difficult. Patients who want to avoid traveling may skip follow-up appointments altogether. Telemedicine ensures successful follow-ups and enhanced patient satisfaction. Providers can check in with patients regarding surgical site healing, post-op instructions and patient questions.

Telemedicine improves continuity of care in surgical practices. Telemedicine intervenes and allows people to check in with their healthcare provider throughout the experience. Parents concerned about their children, adult caretakers worrying about an elderly family member, or the patients themselves can now reach their providers easier than ever.

Do you see any other ways telemedicine can positively contribute to a patient’s experience during a surgical procedure?

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