Busting Telemedicine Myths!

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Today, we’re busting telemedicine myths. We’ve heard it all and are finally speaking up.


Patients say:


Myth #1: The providers aren’t real.

With any reputable company, there really are real doctors are on the other end. With CloudVisit specifically, you’re typically speaking with your own provider, or one whom you chose yourself. We’re all about making healthcare more personal.


Myth #2: I can’t get my prescription.

Sure you can. Just as your physician writes you a prescription to fill at a pharmacy, he or she can call the same prescription directly into the pharmacy of your chose. If anything, it skips a couple of extra steps.


Myth #3: My information will be all over the internet.

With HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) requirements, all patient information must be securely encrypted within a telemedicine system. If your provider chooses to talk to you over Skype or FaceTime – that’s when there’s a problem. Telemedicine must take place over secure platform, and ours certainly meets those requirements.


Myth #4: It’s a video chat – it can’t be covered by my insurance.

48 state Medicaid programs have some type of coverage for telemedicine, and 23 states and DC have telemedicine parity laws in place for private insurance. And the numbers are constantly increasing. We really do believe telemedicine will soon be as typical as an in-person visit. Legislation will catch up.


Myth #5: Telemedicine’s got to be expensive.

Nope. Typically, a telemedicine session is the same as, or more affordable than, an in-person appointment. Another thing to keep in mind is: how much would you have spent in an urgent care or emergency room?


Myth #6: It’s not for me.

This one can be true – if you’re inconvenienced by convenience. Why stay on your couch in your jammies sipping OJ when you can get dressed, get in your car, catch yourself in a downpour, get caught in traffic, hit road work, sit around in a waiting room hoping you don’t catch what everyone else has…



Providers say:


Myth #1: I’ve been running my practice this way for years. Changing it would only hurt it.

It’s important to adapt to modern times to best treat your patients. Telemedicine shouldn’t take over your practice – it should complement it. So, your in-person sessions can still be your primary way of seeing patients. By adding telemedicine, you can see more patients and provide them with the convenience they’re looking for.


Myth #2: I’m not technologically-savvy enough to learn a new platform.

CloudVisit was built with the consumer in mind. We want you and your patients to focus on your appointment, not the software you’re using. We like to say: if you have a smartphone, FaceBook, or Skype account, CloudVisit will only take a few minutes to get used to.


Myth #3: My patients won’t like it.

The reality is, technology is becoming more prominent in everyday tasks, including healthcare appointments. There’s no way around this truth. Sure, you will have some patients who prefer the in-person appointment; but you will also notice patients who prefer the virtual visit.


Do you have any telemedicine statements you know to be true?

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