Leveraging Technology for Pediatric Healthcare

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Can telemedicine create a significant impact on pediatric healthcare?

Quick ideas from this post:

  1. Children get sick often. Telemedicine can reduce the trips to the emergency room or pediatrician’s office.
  2. For optimal inpatient care, remote providers can be consulted through telemedicine sessions.
  3. Telemedicine can ease the stress in consultations for serious treatments.
  4. Children should never face doctor shortages or gaps in proper healthcare.
  5. Young people are very comfortable with technology.

CloudVisit believes in telemedicine in pediatrics!

  1. How often do new parents get anxious about a new rash, or a strange cough? Telemedicine consultations are a modern-day solution to age-old problems. Fifth ear infection this year? Jump on a telemedicine session and pick up a prescription at the nearest pharmacy.
  2. Telemedicine is also essential for more serious conditions – not just the routine. Telemedicine aids inpatient care. Remote specialists can join in-house providers to offer opinions on medical cases and to track patients’ progress. Concerned parents are always eager for answers, especially when it comes to the health of their children.
  3. When looking for a doctor for serious treatment, consultations are typical. Depending on the severity of the condition, parents may travel to find the best specialist for their child. Pediatric specialists – including specialty surgeons, oncologists, and more – are encouraged to welcome telemedicine into their practices to offer a wider range of choices for parents, regardless of location.
  4. The typical obstacles of specialist shortages in rural areas and lack of health insurance also apply to children – possibly more so than adults. Children cannot pay for their own healthcare, or relocate to a more populated area. Telemedicine steps in to offer remote care, and often allows affordable out-of-pocket payment options.
  5. Children and adolescents see technology as capable of anything. The typical “I need to be in the office” complex does not apply to younger generations. You’ll be surprised how willing children are to skip the doctor’s office!


Can you think of other ways telemedicine can benefit pediatric healthcare?


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