Obstetric Telemedicine

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Let’s face it: as beautiful as it is, pregnancy can be stressful – especially for first-time mommies! Every hiccup becomes a concern, and peace of mind becomes priority. Telemedicine can make pregnancy easier, allowing for convenient accessibility.

Ongoing obstetrician care needs to be a right, not a privilege. Women living in rural areas may miss appointments due to travel time, fatigue, or just general inconvenience. Telemedicine can step in and save the day. Women can schedule online appointments to forgo travel and waiting rooms – and, with CloudVisit, they can virtually invite family to the appointment. Much more acceptable than bringing in your grandma from Oklahoma on FaceTime into the doctor’s office.

Benefits of telemedicine obstetrics – for both patient and provider:

  • Travel is greatly reduced – ideal for rural areas.
  • Constant access to care for high-risk pregnancies.
  • First-time moms can have peace of mind with easy accessibility.
  • Obstetricians can set their practice apart from others by offering a contemporary level of convenience.
  • Family members can be invited into sessions. For an example, working fathers can easily be involved in monthly appointments.
  • Personalized continuity of care gives patients a unique, positive experience, leading to more happy patients and babies.

At CloudVisit, we believe that telemedicine can enhance any healthcare experience. With something as tremendous and life-changing as a pregnancy, the difference telemedicine makes can be vast.

We still believe in in-office visits – for bloodwork and ultrasounds – but not everything requires a visit. In first pregnancies, sometimes all a new mom needs to hear from her doctor or nurse is: “That’s perfectly normal.”

Can you think of other ways telemedicine can help in obstetrics?


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