Telemedicine Should Not Scream “Change!”

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Does telemedicine change your practice?

At CloudVisit, we think telemedicine evolves your practice. Healthcare professionals may be weary of the modern software, thinking their practice will never be the same – that telemedicine forces them to change. Change can be a scary topic and we all know, “If it ain’t broke…”

But, modernizing isn’t always changing what’s broken. It’s allowing what should have always been. It’s being the medical practice that’s among the first to accept the adjustment. You can continue to see your old patients, you can continue in-person appointments, and you can keep your EMR. But, you can now offer a revolutionary convenience that’s unlike any other. And, we can assure you: telemedicine will only continue to grow.  The telemedicine market has not seen a dip.

Change can be good! How many times have patients cancelled appointments because they were snowed in? And how many times have you been snowed in? (If your answer is “none,” we’re envious. We’re in New York and cannot imagine anything but blizzards all winter – and we know a lot of our clients can’t either.) With telemedicine, cancelling appointments due to snow can be a lot like having to save your important documents onto a floppy disk.

Telemedicine improves continuity of care and doctor-patient relationships. Bettering these aspects of patient care is not changing a practice; it’s allowing technology to step in and do what you’ve always envisioned without limitations. Change isn’t scary when it allows you to continue moving in the direction you were already headed.

Some practice ritual “changes” we see with telemedicine:

  • Start mentioning video sessions during in-person appointments.
  • Offer telemedicine consultations with new patients.
  • Make 15-minute follow-ups the norm.
  • Acquire an out-of-state medical license.
  • See more patients (collect more revenue).
  • Easier patients progress tracking (especially in fields involving chronic disease, weight management, nutritional counseling, geriatrics).
  • Add a telemedicine banner to your existing website.

Overall, telemedicine offers better patient communication and provider accessibility – leading to happier, healthier patients. We’d love to hear your input!


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