Telemedicine for Chronic Condition Management

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50% of US adults have one or more chronic health conditions, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It’s time to leverage technology to benefit the population.

Patients no longer need to travel to the office for a consultation or prescription refill. People living with chronic conditions have enough on their plates.


Telemedicine for chronic condition management:

  • Managing condition progress
  • Recurring appointments without travel
  • Check-ins and follow-ups
  • Prescription refills and changes
  • Easy appointment scheduling: case by case, or on a repeated schedule
  • Ease patient stress and anxiety
  • Invite adult caretakers or outside providers into the appointment


Telemedicine is helping people with chronic conditions maintain wellness and independence by reducing the amount of in-office doctor visits. Patients can participate in real-time video sessions from home. With telemedicine, patients will not cancel appointments due to transportation or mobility issues, and can have more appointments even if for just minor health concerns.

Chronic conditions – whether they be life-threatening or easily manageable – are best monitored when the patient has constant access to a healthcare provider. Better yet, their OWN healthcare provider who is familiar with their medical history and condition progression.

It’s 2015. Living in a rural area or having limited mobility cannot restrict patients from quality healthcare. Do you think it’s time for telemedicine to become the norm for chronic condition patients?


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